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TOTAL UNITS:  $2,000,00.00 (for all units)

32 8-1 bedroom units, 16-2 bedroom units, 8-3 bedroom units, plus 4-car garage. 

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property details: Phase III

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property details: Phase II

There are 32 apartments in 3 phases, each priced individually or all in one.

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property details: Phase I

Phase 2:  $800,000

A two building complex.  Building 1 is an 8 plex all 2 bedrooms of 800 square feet.  Building 2 is a 4 plex 1-bedroom unit of 700 square feet.  Concrete parking, underground sprinkler system, energy efficient wall system, all electric.  Built in 2000.

103, 160, 190 Juniper

and 505, 506, and 606 Spruce Court

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Phase 1:  $750,000

A building of a 10 unit, two story building with 4-two bedroom units of 800 square feet.  6-three bedroom units, 1 1/2 bath downstairs and 1 full bath up with three bedrooms of 1080 square feet.  There is a laundry facility with 2 washers and 2 dryers along with a mechanical room for storage and spare parts and equipment.  This building is an ENERCEPT design that is super efficient, has 35 year shingles brick front, built in 1998.


PHASE III  $850,000

UNIT A: One building of 6 plex of 2-3 bedroom units of 988 square feet with central air and heat, 1 full bath and 1 1/2 bath.  4-2 bedroom units with 820 square feet. 

UNIT B: One building of 4 plex units of 4-1 bedroom of 700 square feet. 

Both units have concrete parking, underground sprinkler system, 35 year shingles, energy efficient wall system.  Built in 2003.

UNIT C: 1-4 car garage.